Personal site for Franc Auxach

Mid level fullstack developer

Currently more focused on frontend development, I try every day to learn and use new technologies for the development of cross-platform applications.

I use Laravel and Vue as the main programming frameworks and I love Python and TypeScript. Special mention to TailwindCSS for its ability to boost the speed of frontend development.


Here are some projects I've worked on:

Own projects
  • Sounds Market
    · FullStack
    More info - Sounds MarketLink - Sounds Market
    may 2019 - current
    Web project for the sale of musical instruments, rental of material and spaces, private classes and workshops.
    ProfessionalLaravelVue JSTailwind CSSAlgoliaStripe
  • Analyticalls
    · Frontend
    More info - Analyticalls
    oct 2020 - may 2021
    Web application that uses speech analytics to improve customer experience in call centers.
    ProfessionalVue JSTailwind CSS
  • TicketEvents
    · FullStack
    More info - TicketEventsLink - TicketEvents
    nov 2018 – jul 2020
    Web project for the sale of tickets for streaming events. It also includes integration with payment platforms such as Redsys and Paypal.
    ProfessionalLaravelVue JSSass LangPaypal
  • RiftGG - Champions Vault
    · Frontend
    More info - RiftGG - Champions Vault
    may 2018 – may 2019
    Web application for statistics on champions and competitive League of Legends® matches.
    ProfessionalVue JSSass Lang

Get to know me:

Borned in a small village called Tortosa (south Catalonia), I owe my passion for programming to videogames.
I spent hours enjoying environments and reading websites in order to get the last information about my favorite games. Now I try to implement all this knowledge to convert the ideas into web functionallities and components.

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